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Munchkin U-6

Lakes Area Youth Soccer League

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Hello Parents,

Allow me to welcome you all to a brand new season and to the program called the

‘Munchkin’s’. This spring will be an eight (8) week session and will run from the third Wednesday of April through the first Saturday of June.

I will be the head coach for our sessions which will introduce the game of soccer to the little peanuts in a progression type basis. By the end of this spring session, your children will be able to ‘dribble’, ‘trap’, ‘pass’, ‘shoot’, and even be able to play a little bit of goalkeeping.

At the end of this informational overview, you will find the actual schedule for and where we will be meeting.

Practice days will be held on Wednesday’s from 5:30-6:30pm.

(All practices will be at Raben Field, located on the corner of Willow and Keith Rd)

Game days will be held on Saturday’s from 10:00-11:00am.

(All games will be held at Drake Sports Park, located on Drake Rd south of Maple Rd)

You do not have to call, email, or confirm you are attending, just show up on the first Wednesday and we’ll take care of it from there. You will need to check in with me at the field before you can actually get out onto the field. As we gather to get started, I will address all questions and let you know what the format is and how we will proceed with you all as a group.

Please have ready with your kids a soccer ball (size 3 or 4), a water bottle and comfortable shoes to play in. Shin guards are mandatory and will need to be totally covered by their socks.

Below you will find the schedule for this fall and telephone numbers to ask and inquire about any questions or concerns.

Thanks again and welcome to the program.

George Janovich

‘Coach George’



Training sessions for the “Munchkin’s”: (Times may and are subject to change)

                                                             Wed                    Sat   


April                                           16th                    19th  

                                                  23rd                    26th  


May                                            --                      3rd

                                                    7th                    10th

                                                  14th                    17th

                                                  21st                       -- (Memorial Saturday- No Game)

                                                  28th                    31st   

June                                          4th                      7th




Training will run from 5:30-6:30pm on Wednesday’s. They will be held at

Raben Field. Entrance is off the southwest corner of Willow Rd. Keith Rd. on the big soccer field.

The Saturday game days will begin at 10:00am and run to 11am. As we progress through the sessions, evaluations on your children will be ongoing so that we can place kids based on their ability onto teams to play against each other on Saturday morning game days. These games will be at Drake Sports Park on Drake Rd south of Maple Rd.

If there happens to be a weather advisory, watch or warning, there will be NO practice/game. We will play in the rain though. If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to call.

Thanks again and welcome to the program.

George Janovich

‘Coach George’


Munchkin Soccer Clinic

WB Parks and Recreation in association with Lakes Area Youth Soccer League are proud to

introduce an instructional program geared for those players that are

just getting into the game of soccer. From week one through week five/six,

players will be exposed to dribbling games like ‘King

of the Ring’ and ‘Knock out’, to passing, scoring

and juggling games like ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and

‘World Cup’ to name just a few. This program will

consist of part instruction and part game play,

reemphasizing the current topic of the week

within actual game play. Bring a size 3 or 4 soccer ball, a water bottle

and comfortable shoes to play in. Shin guards are mandatory and

need to be totally covered by their socks.


Location: Soccer Field, Drake Sports Park

Instructor: George Janovich, Lakes Area Youth Soccer

Code # Date Day Time R/NRe eF Age

207791-1A 4/29-6/3 u T 10:00A-11:30A $95/$105 3-5

207791-1B 4/30-6/4 W 10:00A-11:30A $95/$105 3-5

207791-1C 5/1-6/5 Th 0100A:-11:30A $95/$105 3-5

207791-1D 4/28-6/2* M 5:30P-6:45P $80/$9 0 3-5

*No Class 5/26

Please click here for registration for the Munchkins program, or call 248-451-1900 to register over the phone

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