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Submit your scores

The following is for LAYSL Rec Games only.

To submit your scores, please call   904-758-0875

Choose Option 1

LAYSL Rec: Event ID = 38688

PIN = 1314

Follow the prompts.

The winning coach or home coach in case of a tie must call the score in.

You must have the game number to enter the score.  The game number is located on the schedule page.

If you are having trouble finding the game number, please click here for some instructions on locating it.

The following is for WSSL teams only -

An official from the winning team (or the home team in the case of a tie) is responsible for completing the following WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE FINISH OF THE GAME.
Reporting the game score and any cards received into GotSoccer.  Specific information is provided in the Instructions/Notes section of each Game Card.

To phone in scores and cards received: 

Update Game Record,  Press:  1
Event ID:  "38417" for Select  or "38599" for Rec., followed by #
PIN:   "1234" followed by #
Enter game number followed by #
To enter scores, Press:  1 and then follow the prompts
To enter yellow card(s), Press:  2 and then follow the prompts
To enter red card(s), press:  3 and then follow the prompts
MAIL one copy of the Game Card to:

WSSL Scorekeeper
P.O. Box 702367
Plymouth, MI  48170

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