Lakes Area Youth Soccer League    

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U-10 Boys

U-10 Girls


Pass backs to the goalkeeper are allowed.  

Distribution of the ball by the keeper may not cross the half way line, without either touching the ground or being played by another player.  This includes drop kicks, kicks, and throwing. 

Goal kicks:  Given when the attacking team kicks the ball over the end line.  For a goal kick, the ball must be placed on or inside the 6 yard line, and must exit the penalty area before being touched by another player, or the goal kick must be retaken.  Attacking players must stay outside the penalty box until the ball has left the penalty box. 

Throw-ins:  Do not allow jumping.  Arms must go over the head, with the back foot on the ground.  A second chance is given at U-10. 

Substitutions:  At any stoppage of play (including fouls), and unlimited. 

Offside:  Not called in U-10, however, cherry picking is not allowed. 

Referees should explain all calls to the offending player. 

Number of Players:  6 v 6 (must have 5 to play).


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