Lakes Area Youth Soccer League    

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Under 12 Rule Changes

As we approach this season, rule changes will apply to everyone across the

State. As the mandate from US Soccer holds, the Lakes Area has revised

those rules in accordance to that mandate, and has these changes below:

1. Girls are playing an 8v8 format, 7 field players and a goalkeeper.

Boys are playing a 8 v 8 format, 7 field players and a goalkeeper.

2. Because of the lack of space and expense, we will use the full size goals.

It will be the same for everyone.

3. Goal kicks. Same as 11 v 11.

4. Substitutions. On the teams possession of throw in, any goal kick, or goal

scored. In case of an injured player, the coach or any authorized team

member enters the field to assist, that injured player must be substituted.

5. Offside. The same as 11 v 11.

6. Dimensions of the field will be smaller then the regular 11 aside size, yet

enough room for players to be involved.

7. The rest of the rules that pertain to the game will apply


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