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The Rules and Game Day Procedures

Pre-Game: Teams, parents and players will take opposite sides of the field of play.Home team has the option of which side they may choose first. The away team will take the opposite side of the field.

Game Duration:2 - 30 minute halves. 5 minute break at the half.

Players:9v9, 8 field players and 1 goalkeeper (9). The minimum to begin play; 6 field players + 1 goalkeeper (7).

Ball Size:4

The Offside rule is enforced.

Goal Kicks:The game is re-started with the ball placed anywhere inside the 6yd box. The ball must leave the entire penalty box in order for the ball to be 'live'. If the ball fails to exit the penalty box area, the ball is reset and the attempt is made again.

The passback rule is enforced. This means, the possessing team may play the ball back to their goalkeeper without any penalty, however, the goalkeeper may NOT handle the ball. This is the same directly from a throw-in. The ball must be played by an opposing player last, before the goalkeeper may pick up the ball, or if the ball is last played by the head, chest, thigh or an unintentional back pass by the goalkeepers own team mate.

Throw-Ins:Ball must be re-started with both feet on the ground, ball behind the head and thrown over the head moving forward with both hands. Jumping, kneeling, lifting of either foot, or thrown with one hand is not allowed. If the player fails to re-start the throw-in properly, the ball is awarded to the opposing team and the process starts again. (The 12's, get 1 crack at throwing it in)

All free kicks are referred to the WSSL Rules of Play and opposing players shall be 8yds from the ball until it has been re-started. A goal may be scored directly from the center spot at the beginning of the game, the re-start of the second half, after a goal has been scored and on a corner kick.

Corner Kicks: Shall be taken with the ball placed anywhere inside the 1yd arc at the corner. The ball may be scored directly from the kick.

Penalty Kick: All players must be outside of the penalty box area with the exception of the goalkeeper and the designated shooter. As long as the players are outside of the box, the kick may be taken. Designated penalty offenses will be referred to the WSSL Rules of Play. A 'hand ball' does not constitute a penalty kick infraction, unless the player DELIBERATELY plays it with their hands. All of the infractions must occur inside the penalty box area to be awarded a penalty kick.

Substitutions: At any stoppage in play (including injuries). These are unlimited. No 'on-the-fly' substitutions shall be allowed.

Mercy Rule: If a team's goal differential reaches 4 (four), the losing team may add another player on to the field of play to help offset the score and allow the team a chance to lesson the differential. Once the team reaches less than the 4 goal differential,  a player must exit the field of play.

Slide tackling is allowed if properly executed.

All whistled calls shall be explained by the acting official to the offending player.

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