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Pre-Game: Teams, Parents, and Coaches will take opposite sides to each other across the field of play. The home team will have first choice as to which side they may choose.

Players:  5v5. 4 Field players and 1 Goalkeeper. The minimum to begin play will be 3 field players and 1 goalkeeper.

Ball: Size 4

Game Duration: 2 - 25 minute halves. 5 minute break for half time.

Rules of Play: Start of play at the beginning of the game and at the second half, will begin with ball placed in the center of the field in the middle of the center circle with one team in possession of the ball. The ball may be played by the first player to another player to begin play. As long as the ball moves, whether forward or backward, it is considered in play.

Throw - Ins:  Ball must be re-started with both feet on the ground, ball behind the head and thrown forward in an 'overhand' motion using both hands at the same time. Jumping, kneeling, lifting of either foot, or thrown with one hand, will result in a 'Re-do'. The acting official will verbally correct the thrower and allow them to repeat the throw in again. If the player repeats an improper throw in, the official will correct the player again and ask them to repeat the thrown in a third time. If after the third attempt has failed to restart correctly, the official will correct the player but the ball is then awarded to the opposing team and the process begins over again. (The 8's get 3 cracks at getting it correct).

Goal Kicks: The goal kicks will begin within the goal keepers hands. The Keeper may then throw, kick, dribble, drop kick or punt the ball back into play. The ball must leave the entire penalty area to be considered 'live'. If the Keeper drops the ball inside the penalty area, they may pick it back up again and continue. The ball may cross the half line in the air without touching any player.However, the Keeper may not handle the ball directly from a throw in. The ball must be touched by another player before the Keeper may pick it up.The resulting penalty will be an indirect free kick from the spot where the Keeper picked it up from.

The offside rule is NOT enforced and the team in possession with the ball may play it back to the goal keeper who may pick it up without any penalty.

Corner Kicks: If any of the defending team plays or has last touched the ball before it crosses over their own end line, the opposing team will restart the game from the corner, anywhere inside the 1yd radius. The ball MUST be touched by another player before it crosses the goal line to count as a goal. This is an indirect free kick.

Free Kicks: All free kicks are INDIRECT. All opposing players shall be 8yds away from the ball until the ball has been put back into play.  A goal may NOT be scored directly from the center spot to start the game, a re-start for the second half, or after a goal has been scored. All re-starts must be touched by another player before it may count as a goal, unless it is a Penalty kick inside the penalty box area. This is the only free kick that is direct. All players must be outside of the penalty box with the exception of the Goalkeeper and the designated shooter. As long as the players are outside of the box, the penalty kick may be taken. Players do not have to be lined up 'behind' the ball and may be stationed anywhere outside of the penalty box area. Once the penalty kick has been struck, the ball is considered live again.

Substitutions: Are unlimited and may occur at any stoppage in play including any injury. There are no 'on the fly' substitutions allowed.

Slide Tackling: Slide tackling is not allowed. Should an instance occur, the acting official will stop the game for an indirect free kick at the point of infraction. The official shall explain the issue that slide tackling is not allowed within this age group competition. If the player repeats the offense, the official will than ask the player to be substituted so the Coach may have an opportunity to explain the incident in more detail. The player resume play at the discretion of the Coach.

All whistled calls shall be explained by the acting official.

There is no score kept for this age group competition.

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The Rules and Game DayProcedures

Welcome to the U-8 page.  Below you will find the rules and game day procedures. If have any pictures or little tidbits you would like to share, get it to us and we'll put it up here for everyone to enjoy.


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